Amadeus Electric String Quartet

“Their music is full of energy, their stage appearance and performance are captivating, and their playing is insane!”

 – Most Fashion Magazine, USA

Amadeus is an entertaining, highly skilled and versatile electric string quartet and live band that recharges the music masterpieces from Bach’s or Mozart’s time until today. Vibrant cha-cha rhythms, the euphoria of a bolero, the energy of rock & roll, modern dance vibes or contemporary hit covers… strings and keyboards electrifying the audience.

An unusual blend that manages to put the music scene in a surprising perspective, all in a unique show, fascinating for the public and exclusive at the same time.


two original show concepts. read more!

The violin quartet Amadeus has managed to break patterns in 2000 and become one of the most original bands in Europe.

During the 15 years of activity, all female ensemble Amadeus performed all over the world, released 5 records and gain a lot of popularity.

Amadeus Shows:
1. Amadeus Electric String Quartet (instrumental with backing tracks) – choreographed show with instrumental music.
2. Amadeus Live Band (vocal/ instrumental, with extended team) – an elegant cover band.
3. Amadeus & Orchestra.


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