The most beautiful Christmas Party

You are part of our story!Amadeus

You are at your office and you are getting ready to leave. It’s the Winter Party day of your company.
You get in your car and head off to the location. You mentally go over your speech for the end of the year and by the time you finish your thought you arrived at the party. Somebody takes your jacket, someone else offers you a glass of champagne and you enter the party room.

Here the magic begins. The band is playing live on the stage with a giant LED screen in behind on which there are graphical projections synchronized with the tunes. Music, energy, lights, special effects and dry ice make it look like you just stepped in a fairytale. You look across the room and nobody is sitting down. Everyone is standing up, dancing and singing along with the band. The music changes from “Et si tu n’existais pas”, „Hijo de la Luna” to „Macarena”, „Cotton Eye Joe” and „Nah Neh Nah”, then to carols and Romanian music “Vrei sa ne intalnim sambata seara”, „Fericirea are chipul tau” (Bossa Nova style) or to „Esti atat de frumoasa”. You are amazed and all that you can think of is that the party organizers really pull it off this year with the party. You smile, relax and let yourself go with the flow in the room.

We understand you and we know what you want cause you are part of our story. We know that the Winter Party of your company is one of the most expected moments by all the members of the team, that this is the moment when people bond and connections are formed and that this is the time when you can thank everyone for the effort they put in throughout the year. We, in a new formula Amadeus Band, have created a special winter show that will fill you with energy for the New Year. If you want to experience the magic of the show, we invite you to discuss more about this.

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Especially for the end of the year parties we have prepared a special program with Romanian carols and international winter songs so that we can enjoy as much as we can the magical atmosphere around the winter holidays. The video projections made by our partners from OnScreen complete the setting of a successful event that will become memorable for your guests.

Check VIDEO SELFIE! – Amadeus wishing you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

two original show concepts. Click for more details !

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