Amadeus readapted the most beautiful songs in the music history in a surprising and unique way.

Amadeus - The Show - demo version

Andreea, Patricia, Bianca and Naomi are also sing and two other guest artists join them on stage: a drummer and a vocal. They perform on a stage with a giant LED screen on which graphical projections run accordingly to the four chapters of the concert. For a greater visual impact, light and special effects are used, like dry ice and throughout the night the artists are changing at least three sets of costumes. 

Amadeus is maybe the most elegant cover band you ever seen

For the new show, Amadeus adapted in a original way Romanian and international songs. How would it sound Et si tu n’existais pas, Hijo de la Luna, Dance Me to the End of Love, Happy, Cotton Eye Joe, Nah Neh Nah, Zorba’s Dance or I Love Rock’n’Roll?


Amadeus prepared a complex show for the wedding parties. This show covers all the moments throughout the night, from the Wedding March to a set of café concert/chill out songs which is very appropriate for the beginning of the evening when the guests are socialising with each other. Then to the most emotional moment of the evening – the Bride & Groom Dance sustained by a song prepared together with the grooms with a special choreography and then to three or four sets of songs together with the band so that the guests will dance till morning dawn. The repertoire is varied starting from waltzes, tangos, and famous themes of classical music, passing through Romanian popular themes and getting to the most loved international covering of all genres.

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